About Us


48 years of experience…

Welcome to Cava Konstantakopoulos, a family-owned wine and spirits marketing and promotion business.

Since its foundation, in 1976, Cava Konstantakopoulos has been characterized by its human-centered face. It is a company defined both by its employees and by the mutual relationships of trust and appreciation it develops with its customers. The result of these relationships is the creation of long-term and stable partnerships, which lead to its progress and further development.

Today Cava Konstantakopoulos has fully integrated and adapted to the new technological and commercial requirements, renewing its image, while at the same time it has a modern privately owned fleet and a wide variety of products.

The main objective of the company is to supply and distribute high quality products, to enter into long-term and strong partnerships, to support domestic local production and all this based on the belief in the primary and timeless values ​​of responsibility and respect both towards its customers and and to its suppliers.

About us…

Cava Konstantakopoulos is a family business active in the marketing and promotion of wines and alcoholic beverages. It was founded in 1976 by Xenofon Konstantakopoulos and from then until today it has a long history of decades, with a total of 48 years of experience. Today, having passed into the hands of Ioannis Konstantakopoulos and his son, Xenofon Konstantakopoulos, our cellar has a large collection of branded alcoholic - and non-alcoholic - drinks, wines and beers.

With a central focus on responsibility and consistency, both towards our suppliers and customers, as well as towards the final consumer, Cava Konstantakopoulos has built relationships of trust with the largest groups of drinks, beer and soft drinks. In addition, always keeping up with the spirit and developments of the industry and the times and having as its philosophy the support of Greek producers, it cooperates with microbreweries and distilleries, hosting a variety of local products from different parts of Greece, distinguished for their quality and uniqueness.

By making a series of important business moves, our company today occupies a leading role in the wholesale trade. With its renewed and privately owned fleet, it offers the possibility to immediately cover the recipient's needs with speed, accuracy and confidence during the delivery of the products.

Our Vision…

We believe that in its 48 years of operation, Cava Konstantakopoulos has succeeded in gaining the appreciation and trust of its partners and customers.

The perennial goal and ambition of this family business was and is respect for the customer, with whom we wish to create long-term relationships of trust. Always combining the highest quality products with excellent service, two key areas which we consider to have conquered.

Our vision is to maintain and further improve these timeless goals of our business. In addition, however, we aim to develop and strengthen our service in sectors such as e-commerce and mainly wholesale.

We aspire to continue to be a reliable solution in the distribution and marketing of drinks and soft drinks in the Greek market. With faith in the people who surround us and in all our partners, we continue our dynamic course towards the future.