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Pre-made Gift Sets

Looking for a gift? You are one click away!

Whether it concerns a corporate gift, a gift to a loved one or any other obligation, choose a pre-made gift set from the wide variety we have.

For information call us at 210 3470384 or send us a message at [email protected] and we will contact soon.

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Gift Pack Νο 001 (Katogi Averoff Red)

13.53 €

Gift Pack Νο 002 (Domaine Hatzimichalis Le Rouge)

18.10 €

Gift Pack Νο 003 (Domaine Skouras Akres)

32.14 €

Gift Pack Νο 014 (Prorogos Τriplet & Nuts n Nuts Spicy Mix)

43.28 €
Sold Out

Gift Pack Νο 015 (Lafazanis Winery Oenanthe Duet)

28.43 €

Gift Pack Νο 016 (Nico Lazaridi Winery Duet & Nuts n Nuts Natural Mix)

34.24 €

Gift Pack No 017 (Lafazanis Winery Prorogos Collection & Nuts n Nuts Pistachio Premium)

40.68 €

Gift Pack No 018 (Leptoi Laimoi Poulion Collection & Nuts n Nuts Spicy Mix)

48.65 €

Gift Pack No 020 (Unique Gift Set)

96.97 €

Gift Pack No 024 (Katogi Averoff)

44.60 €

Gift Pack No 025 (Muses Estate 9)

44.57 €

Gift Pack No 026 (Domaine Skouras Akres)

42.88 €

Gift Pack Νο 027 (Nico Lazaridi Winery Duet & Paul Bernard Demi Sec)

35.22 €

Gift Pack Νο 028 (Six Pack & Delicatessen)

79.14 €

Gift Pack Νο 029 (Avantis Estate Pack)

92.44 €

Gift Pack No 030 (Parliarou Winery Duet)

41.61 €

Gift Pack No 031 (Domaine Hatzimichalis Alfega Duet)

40.82 €

Gift Pack No 032 (Ktima Kir Yanni Paranga Duet & Jameson)

67.83 €

Gift Pack No 034 (Dewar's - Bombay)

68.31 €

Gift Pack No 036 (Johnnie Walker 18 Y.O.)

93.95 €

Gift Pack No 037 (Unique Pack)

229.64 €

Gift Pack Νο 038 (Domaine Skouras Portes Duet)

41.55 €

Gift Pack Νο 039 (Domaine Skouras & Natale Verga)

67.11 €

Gift Pack No 041 (Palivos Estate Duet)

74.39 €

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What do your pre-made gift compositions include?


More than fifty pre-made gift compositions are available. Most of them include wines (quiet or sparkling), whiskies, chocolates and dried nuts. Special compositions include vodkas, gins and accessories for your bottles. All compositions contain the products in elegant and handy packages, matching every taste.

02 How can I find the perfect corporate gift?


Just click the "Corporate Gifts" category. The list comprises of simple and premium ideas. Be sure you will discover one or more gifts, appropriate for your occasion.

03 Are seasonal or thematic gift compositions available?


Based on the content and the package itself, you can match your gift to the season. For example, a series of wine labels from a specific wine maker serve as a great spring gift, whereas whiskies, sparkling wines and chocolates respond perfectly to celebrations, such as Christmas gatherings or birthdays.

04 Up to how many bottles are included in the pre-made gift compositions?


The "richest" compositions include five or six bottles. The dimensions and the decoration of each package, as well as the size of the selected bottles determine the final capacity.

05 Can I make my own gift composition with wines?


Certainly you can. Follow instructions in the "Create your gift" category. First, chose the package you like. Then, pick up the wines you want from our list. We are responsible for setting them appropriately, preparing your gift. There are no limitations in the type of wine (or any other beverage) selected. Everything is availanle, with just a click.

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