Red Beer

Red beer goes well with many foods. Find the best red beers and taste something different!

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Hobgoblin Ruby One Way 500ml

4.19 €

McFarland One Way 330ml

2.42 €

Rye River Red One Way 330ml

2.63 €

Nissos Apocalyψη One Way 330ml

2.73 €

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Which are the differences of calorie content between the types of beer?


A small bottle (330 ml) of Lager beer contains an average of 100 calories. The same amount of IPA beer contains even double as that. Typical Ale beer lies in the middle, with 150 calories per small bottle.

02 How different is the taste between Ale, Lager and IPA beer?


As shown by their initials, IPA (India Pale Ale) beers belong to Ale beers. Every Ale beer is fermented at a rather high temperature, for a short period of time. It is more foamy, compared to a Lager beer, fruitier in the mouth and more full-bodied. Especially IPA beers tend to be more bitter and dense. The lighter Lager beers are fermanted in lower temperatures, for longer periods of time. They are more "crisp" and less bitter than Ale ones and sometimes are considered more cooling, due to their "elegance".

03 Which are the benefits of non-alcoholic beer comsumption?


Alcohol containes calories. Beer without alcohol means less calories. Furthermore, the dangers of alcohol consumption, in terms of health and behaviour, are eliminated.

04 What is a Radler beer and what differentiates it from other beers?


Radler is a mix of beer and lemon soda. According to legislation, beer must be at least 50% of the mix, but rarely exceeds 70%. Since coming from the addition of lemon soda to Lager beer, it has an average of 2,5% alcohol vol.

05 How does the country or region of origin affect the taste of beer?


Usually it doesn't. Even if we focus on Greece, we will discover hundreds of beer producers and every type of beer. Some of them are more bitter, some have a richer flavour, some are more foamy. In other countries, with greater brewing tradition, the variety is certainly wider. What makes us wonder if taste and origin are combined are some "standards" of the past. Germany is "linked" with sweeter wheat beers, Ireland with dark beers and Belgium with sour beers. But it's just a habit... Let's get over it!

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