Daisy Triple Sec 700ml

Producer: Pony & Jigger

Daisy Triple Sec, the flagship liqueur in a blend with oranges and curacao together for the first time.

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Tasting Characteristics

Daisy Triple Sec was born to mix. In the mouth it has strong aromas of orange, bergamot, curacao. It is gentle on the nose and delicate in mixing so as not to overshadow the recipe.


Daisy Triple Sec is a liqueur produced in Greece, in small batches, made by human hands and not machines, which makes this product even more special.


It is an ideal ingredient for cocktails, use it in countless classic recipes from Margaritas to White Lady.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Type Liqueur
Region Athens
Country Greece
Quantity Lt 0,700
Alcohol Degree % 30

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