Cardhu Distillery

The Excise Act of 1824 marked the transformation of John and Helen Cummings' country business into a respectable local distillery. Their son and his wife were the ones who established the character and taste of the malt we know today. Elizabeth Cummings took over the distillery in 1872 after her husband's death and soon trademarked Car Dhu. It increased its production every year and, by 1884, larger facilities were needed. By making Cardhu, Elizabeth laid the foundation for a whiskey of world renown.


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Cardhu 12 Y.O. Single Malt 700ml

38.66 €
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Cardhu 12 Y.O. Single Malt 700ml (Gift Box + 2 Glasses)

40.00 €
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Cardhu 15 Y.O. Single Malt 700ml

58.63 €

Cardhu 18 Y.O. Single Malt 700ml

94.92 €

Cardhu Amber Rock Single Malt 700ml

44.84 €
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Cardhu Gold Reserve Single Malt 700ml

40.49 €
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