Castellare Di Castellina

Castellare di Castellina was born in 1970 from the union of four estates (Castellare, Caselle, San Niccolò and Le Case) on the initiative of Paolo Panerai, with the aim of producing wine of the best possible quality. Innovation was pursued first of all by creating the first experimental vineyard in the Chianti region together with the University of Milan and the University of Florence, implementing the first scientific selection of Sangiovese clones (here called Sangioveto). And then introducing the use of barrique, following the in-depth research and advice of Emile Peynaud, the most famous oenologist in living memory, as well as paying constant attention to every ongoing winemaking process in the ceaseless, ever-evolving work to produce quality of wines. This is a story that shows how tradition, facility, and innovation can bring the best out of the land.


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Castellare Di Castellina Chianti Classico 750ml (2021), Red Dry

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