Cyclades MicroBrewery

Cyclades Microbrewery (or Island Brewery) has as its mission to create fresh beer of top taste, superior quality and beneficial value, which complements the authenticity of Greek gastronomy. The beer of the microbrewery reflects the lifestyle of the islanders, but also all those beauties that inspire their existence.


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Nissos 7 Beaufort One Way 330ml

2.78 €

Nissos All-Day Organic One Way 330ml

2.46 €

Nisos Pilsner One Way 330ml

1.43 €

Nisos Pilsner One Way 330ml Six Pack (5+1)

6.98 €

Nissos Apocalyψη One Way 330ml

2.73 €

Nissos Tholi One Way 330ml

2.60 €
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