Illva Saronno S.p.A.

At that time, many families were responsible for the personal production of liqueurs, digestives and various healing compounds against all kinds of ailments. Among these families was the Reina family, and in the 1600s, Giovanni Reina rediscovered the ancient recipe for amber liqueur. The recipe was then passed down secretly, from generation to generation, until, at the beginning of the last century, Domenico Reina decided to open a laboratory shop in the center of Saronno: "Domenico Reina Coloniali". The shop soon became a real crossroads where people passed, tasted and bought. Illva Saronno, was founded in the wake of this artisanal activity (July 23, 1947) and Disaronno soon became a symbol of Italian taste.


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Disaronno 700ml

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Disaronno Velvet 700ml

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Tia Maria 700ml

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