Flor De Cana Co

The story began in 1875 when Alfredo Francisco Pellas Canessa, a young man from Genoa, Italy traveled to the exotic country of Nicaragua. In 1890, he found the perfect setting for the Flor de Caña distillery at the base of San Cristóbal Volcano, the highest and most active volcano in Nicaragua. The fertility of the surrounding soils, the enriched water and the warm volcanic climate proved decisive in creating the unique and smooth taste of the rum.


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Flor De Cana 12 Y.O. 700ml

40.00 €

Flor De Cana 18 Y.O. 700ml

59.84 €

Flor De Cana 4 Y.O. 700ml

20.15 €

Flor De Cana 7 Y.O. 700ml

31.32 €
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