Demerara Distillers Ltd

Demerara Distillers Ltd is a Guyanese distillery known for El Dorado Rum and was once the second largest producer of rum in the world. Demerara Distillers Ltd ages the rum flavors in oak casks used in the distillation process. The rum aging process in Guyana is complemented by high humidity and constant temperature.


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El Dorado 12 Y.O. 700ml
39.72 €
El Dorado 15 Y.O. 700ml
51.65 €
El Dorado 3 Y.O. 700ml
23.66 €
El Dorado 5 Y.O. 700ml
26.18 €
El Dorado 8 Y.O. 700ml
34.74 €
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