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Maison Ferrand

Maison Ferrand is one of the leading producers of fine spirits in the world. The company was founded by Alexandre Gabriel in 1989 with the mission of preserving the old production methods and in 1999 introduced Plantation Rum, reflecting his passion for old rum making techniques and applying the characteristic double aging process. Maison Ferrand has offices and production facilities in the 18th century Château de Bonbonnet in Ars, in the legendary Cognac region of France.


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Citadelle 700ml

30.55 €

Pierre Ferrand 10 Generations 500ml

41.83 €

Pierre Ferrand 1840 700ml

45.10 €

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 700ml

28.82 €

Plantation Grand Reserve 5 Υ.O. 700ml

28.69 €

Plantation 20th Anniversary X.O. 700ml

56.43 €

Plantation 20th Anniversary X.O. 700ml (Gift Box + 2 Glasses)

65.00 €

Plantation 3 Stars 700ml

21.41 €

Plantation Grand Reserve 700ml

27.42 €

Plantation Isle Of Fiji 700ml

33.00 €

Plantation O.F.T.D. 700ml

36.33 €

Plantation Original Dark 700ml

22.31 €

Plantation Pineapple 700ml

39.26 €

Plantation Stiggins Smoky Rum 700ml

40.41 €

Plantation Xaymaca 700ml

33.78 €
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