Blanton's Distilling Co

Single Barrel Bourbon began with Blanton's in 1984. Nearing retirement, Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee took it upon himself to create an extremely high quality bourbon. With careful reflection, he recalled his career days in the late 1940s when he worked for Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Colonel Blanton was the president of the distillery until 1952. Mr. Lee recalled that when Colonel Blanton entertained dignitaries and other important guests, he would select "honey barrels" from the center of the warehouse and bottle the bourbon. As a tribute to his old Colonel Blanton, Elmer T. Lee decided to name this new bourbon "Blanton's Single Barrel".


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Blanton's Gold Edition 700ml
146.25 €
Blanton's Original Single Barrel 700ml
112.51 €
Blanton's Special Reserve 700ml
128.80 €
Blanton's Straight From The Barrel 700ml
178.40 €
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